Galvanized Rectangular Tubing

Galvanized rectangular tube is made in both A513 and A500 grade steel, depending on the size, and has been hot dipped into a molten zinc material. Through galvanizing, the rectangular tubing will prevent rust for decades, while maintaining its strength and durability.

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Benefits of Galvanized Rectangular Tube

Galvanized rectangular tubing provides a variety of properties that are great for industrial applications. It offers a lower initial cost than stainless steel, and its longevity makes it perfect for applications in even harsh environments. Because of the galvanized coating, this rectangular tubing is rugged enough to resist damage from assembly and operation.
Other advantages of galvanized rectangular tubing are:
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Standardization
  • Damage protection
  • Easy inspection
  • Fast assembly

Galvanized Rectangular Tubing for A Variety of Industries 

Because of its durability and corrosion-resistance, galvanized rectangular tubing is used for a variety of structural applications. It is found often in manufacturing, fabrication, and construction projects, especially in pipes, fittings, roofs, and air-conditioning equipment.
In addition to these applications, galvanized rectangular tube is also used in: 
  • Trailers
  • Frames
  • Shelves
  • Structural support

Galvanized vs. Stainless vs. Carbon Steel Rectangular Tubing

Galvanized, stainless, and carbon steel are all rugged steel materials that are designed to resist corrosion. However, depending on your application, one of these rectangular tubing materials will better meet your needs.
One of the main properties that sets galvanized rectangular tubing apart from the others is its price. Not only does galvanized steel provide corrosion protection at a lower initial cost, but it is also cheaper to maintain than both carbon steel and stainless steel.
Galvanized steel, however, can be more difficult to weld than the other materials, depending on the grade of carbon steel. It is used more frequently for construction applications, like fittings in houses or air conditioning equipment.

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