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Totten Tubes is America’s most diverse and specialized steel tube supplier. From our multiple locations across the North American West Coast, we deliver true one-stop-shop experiences for orders of rectangular, square, or round steel tube, including specialty steel tubing sizes such as jumbo HSS. In addition to our vast range and inventory of steel tube products, we are your top source for steel tubing knowledge and resources.

While shopping for your best steel tubing solution, you may encounter terms or abbreviations you do not recognize. Understanding steel tube sizes, steel tubing grades, OD, DOM, inside diameter (ID), and more is essential to selecting the best product for your unique application.

Peruse this glossary to learn frequently used steel tube terms, and contact us with further questions. Call 800-882-3748 to speak to a representative directly.

Abbreviations Used in the Steel Industry

AISI American Iron & Steel Institute
ANSI American National Standards Institute—formerly ASA
API American Petroleum Institute
ASTM American Society for Testing Materials
Bevel The angle formed between the prepared edge of the steel pipe and a plane perpendicular to the surface. Standard line pipe bevel is 30 degrees
BDLS Bundles…practice of packaging pipe. Pieces per bundle vary with size.
BW Pipe Butt weld pipe
CFT Per hundred feet
CREW Cold rolled electric welded
CRAK Cold rolled aluminum killed
CWT Per hundred weight
Die stamping Permanent marking placed on pipe as required in some specifications.
DOM Drawn over mandrel
DRL Double random length (35’ minimum average)
ERW Electric resistance weld—method of producing pipe and tube
FOB Free on board
FR Flash removed
FR TEL Flash removed—telescoping
FRT Freight
Galv Galvanizing—coating pipe with a protective coating of zinc
Grade A or Grade B Designations used to indicate minimum yield and tensile strengths of steel in seamless and welded pipe.
HREW Hot rolled electric welded
ID Inside diameter—the OD measurement less double the wall thickness is the 1.0 measurement of a steel tube or pipe.
MTCR Molded tubular cap rail
OD Outside diameter
PE Plain ends
R/L Random length. Varying lengths of steel tube or pipe.
R Pipe Railing pipe
RK RedKote™
SAW Submerged arc weld—a method of producing very large OD steel tube or pipe
DSAW Double submerged arc weld—DSAW pipe is available in API 5L grade A and B and API 5LX
SMLS Seamless—a pipe without a seam or weld in the circumference
STRUC Hot rolled structural steel tubing
SRL Single random lengths—usually 16’ to 22’. Minimum average of 17’6”.
Stencil Identification painted on pipe. Specification, size, wall, grade, test pressure, method of manufacture, and mill identification are usually indicated.
STD Standard—same as schedule 40 (1/8” to 10” pipe)
TBE Thread both ends
TOE Thread one end
Yield Strength The tensile stress required to produce a total elongation of 0.5% of the gauge length as determined by an extensometer. Expressed in PSI.
XHY Extra heavy, also known as extra strong—pipe with walls heavier than standard weight. Same as schedule 80 in sizes 1/8” to 8” diameter.
XXHY Double extra heavy (double extra strong)
A847 Weathering steel

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