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steel tubing elements on agricultural equipment
Agricultural machinery used on farms, for harvesting applications, and in orchards perform critical roles essential to delivering produce and food across the country. As a harvesting equipment manufacturer or OEM for other agricultural applications, you require a steel tube supplier with the products you need in stock, service you can trust, and on-time deliveries for every order.

For nearly a century, Totten Tubes has been your go-to steel tube and steel pipe supplier for farm equipment manufacturers. We are the USA’s most diversified steel tube distributor and specialize in sourcing hard-to-find sizes or products.

Ready to learn more about how Totten Tubes can support your agricultural industry equipment manufacturing job? Request a quote to discuss exact pricing and timelines. Contact us with questions about our inventory or services.

Galvanized Steel Tube Supplier for Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers

Galvanized steel tube and galvanized steel pipe are the best choices for farm equipment manufacturers, standing up to outdoor conditions without compromising performance. Other advantages include:
  • High level of protection against corrosion and rust
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Rugged toughness to stand up to harsh environments
  • Lower cost upfront and cost-effective operations
  • Long lifespan without degraded performance
Totten Tubes has the in-stock galvanized steel tube and pipe you need to deliver high-quality machinery to your clients, from manufacturing effective tomato vine trimmers and trainers to almond harvesting equipment, cotton bale forks to custom farm machinery.

Square Galvanized Steel Tube for Harvesting Equipment

Totten Tubes is your top square galvanized steel tube supplier for orchard, harvesting, and other agricultural equipment manufacturers. To meet the needs of your OEM or other manufacturing operation, we offer both mechanical and structural square galvanized steel tube.

Round Steel Tube & Steel Pipe for Orchard Machinery

Round galvanized steel tube and galvanized steel pipe are excellent choices for any farm equipment manufacturer. Whether you design and build tree shakers, tractors, excavators, or something else, we have the steel tube and pipe products to match your specifications. Explore our stock and begin an order today!

Laser Tube Cutting, Tube Bending & Other Services for Farm Equipment Manufacturers

We offer custom tube services to satisfy the demands of any agricultural OEM or manufacturer. Our precision laser tube cutting services for harvesting machinery and orchard equipment deliver clean, accurate cuts in any steel tube or pipe up to 3/4” thick. Our steel tube bending can create shaped products for roll cages, exhaust pipes, and axles. Other services include:

USA-Owned & Operated Steel Tube Supplier for the Agriculture Industry

Totten Tubes is the premier steel tube and steel pipe supplier for agricultural equipment manufacturers. To best serve you with customized attention on every order, we have established several locations along the North American West Coast: We are dedicated to providing you with the best products, competitive prices, and unparalleled customer service. Contact your nearest Totten Tubes location or call 800-882-3748 to discuss your project requirements.