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Seamless Steel Round Tubing

Seamless steel round tubing is primarily used for structural applications and is manufactured using extrusion, which involves piercing the center of a heated solid steel bar with a die. There are two types of round seamless steel tubing produced using this method: Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS) and Hot Finished Seamless (HFS). 

What Is the Difference Between CDS Tubing and HFS Tubing?

Both CDS and HFS steel tubes provide strength and durability, but the process used to create each type of tubing provides slightly different advantages. Deciding whether Cold Drawn Seamless or Hot Finish Seamless is best will depend on how you plan to use the tubing for your application.
Cold Drawn Seamless mechanical tubing is created by hot rolling SAE 1018 carbon steel, then drawing it at room temperature. During the drawing process, the pointed end of the tube is passed through a die. Force is used to stretch the steel into the desired thickness and shape and smooth the surface. This type of steel tubing meets ASTM A519 standards. It provides high yield strength, close tolerances and a smooth finish that is preferable for many mechanical applications.
Hot Finished Seamless mechanical tubing is produced using SEA 1026 carbon steel and is manufactured using the same extrusion process, only without the final step of drawing the tube at room temperature. The HFS process produces a steel tube that is easily machinable and is ideal for applications where a close dimensional tolerance or smooth surface finish is not required. HFS steel tubing meets ASTM A519 standards and is commonly used for applications requiring a thicker, heavier wall. 

Mechanical Seamless Steel Tubing Manufactured to Industry Standards

Totten Tubes offers Cold Drawn Seamless and Hot Finished Seamless mechanical steel tubing manufactured to ASTM A519. It is offered in a range of configurations and finished sizes up to 12-3/4”. 
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What Are the Different Applications for Seamless Round Steel Tubing?

Seamless steel tubing is used for various mechanical applications. The CDS process creates a steel tube with tight tolerances and a smooth finish while HFS tubes have a rough finish with thicker walls. Both offer durability and good machinability, though CDS round steel tubes provide a higher strength-to-weight ratio.

Common applications for Cold Drawn Seamless steel tubing include:

Common applications for Hot Finish Seamless steel tubing include:

  • Hydraulic components
  • Oil and gas components
  • Rollers
  • Drilling equipment
  • Agricultural components
  • Sleeves
  • Bushings
  • Spacers
  • Axles

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We also provide galvanized round tubing and DOM steel tubing, as well as custom services to complete your tubing project.