Tube and Pipe Saw Cutting

Band Saw Cutting

Band saw cutting is a fast, efficient process that allows entire bundles of pipes and tubes to be cut at the same time. It is an ideal cutting method for large tubes and large volume batches.

Totten Tubes provides band saw cutting for our pipe and tubing. The value-added service allows our customers to achieve more throughput without adding workforce.

Applications for Band Saw Cutting

Band saw cutting is a cost-effective pipe cutting method, allowing all kinds of materials to be cut quickly and efficiently. Because of its benefits, it's useful in a variety of industries.

At Totten Tubes, we cut for all market segments, including:
  • Structural steel fabrication
  • OEM
  • Furniture Mfg
  • Ag Equipment Mfg
  • Industrial Fabrication
  • Aerospace Mfg

Efficient Band Saw Cutting from Totten Tubes

We can cut and package kits of parts ready to assemble. We have 10 automatic vertical band saws and one horizontal band saw in five locations capable of cutting:
  • Full bundles up to 25" X 30"
  • Rounds up to 25"
  • Any wall thickness
  • Carbon, galvanized and stainless steel
  • Up to 60 degree miters and compound miters
  • No max length

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Totten Tubes offers an extensive inventory of tubing and piping, as well as processing services like band saw cutting to provide you with the pipe or tube that your application requires. To learn more, contact us today or request a quote.