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Totten Tubes can provide ASTM A1085 Hollow Structural Section (HSS) in various shapes and sizes and to match any requirement. ASTM A1085 HSS is cold-formed and is rated for all welded carbon steel HSS specifications and is manufactured to tighter wall thickness tolerances for increased efficiency. The ASTM A1085 spec also provides enhanced bolstered performance for seismic and other related fatigue-suppressing applications. A1085 is stocked and is available in round, square, and rectangular profiles for a wide range of operations.
ASTM A1085 HSS is commonly used in applications that are subject to fatigue and buildings with seismic requirements.
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  ASTM A500-13 GRADE B ASTM A1085
Scope Cold-formed welded & seamless Cold-formed welded
Max. Perimeter 88" 88"
Thickness Range t < 0.875" 0.148" < t < 0.875"
Yield Stress Round 42 ksi min. All shapes 50 ksi min.
Sq/rect. 46 ksi min. 70 ksi max.
Tensile Stress Round 58 ksi min. 65 ksi.
Sq/rect. 58 ksi min.
Wall Thickness -10% -5%
Mass Tolerance N/A -3.5%
Corder Radii
(Rectangular and Square HSS)
r < 3 t t ≤ 0.400" 1.6 t to 3.0 t
t > 0.400" 1.8 t to 3.0 t
CVN N/A 25 ft.-lbs @ 40° F
Supplemental Requirements N/A Optional heat-treating
Optional varying CVN

ASTM A1085 Provides Fatigue Support & Seismic Requirements

A1085 HSS is rated for building seismic requirements and projects that require significant fatigue support, these include:
  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Towers
  • Cranes
  • Amusement Rides
  • Sign Supports
  • Drilling Platforms
Minimum & Maximum Yield Stresses for A1085
  • ASTM A1085 HSS is manufactured with a minimum yield stress of 50 ksi and a maximum yield that cannot exceed 70 ksi. These factors reduce capacity design requirements within the seismic design concepts, while providing a more economical and efficient product. 
Tighter Material Tolerances for A1085
  • Since ASTM A1085 is manufactured with tighter wall thicknesses, it provides increased efficiency over A500 HSS, without having to reduce the nominal wall thickness by 0.93 as designated by the AISC Steel Construction Manual. 
Charpy V-Notch Standard Requirements for A1085
  • A1085 maintains a minimum CVN value of 25 ft.-lbs. at 40° F, which makes HSS more suitable for use in structures subject to fatigue and those that require a higher level of toughness.

ASTM A1085 HSS Delivers Advanced Material & Cost Savings

Due to its tight tolerances and built-in minimum and maximum yield allowances for stress, ASTM A1085 utilizes less material than ASTM A500. This reduces the amount of steel that is required within a design, which equates to less material and significant project fiscal savings.

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