In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Totten Tubes is considered an essential business and will remain open to serve the needs of our valuable customers. Totten Tubes is taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our employees while serving our customers. Thank you for your business and support during these uncertain times. Please take care, stay well and know Totten Tubes is committed to the vital industries and customers we serve. Please give us a call at 800-882-3748 if you have any additional questions.

Totten Tubes Inc
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Totten Tubes is a premier steel tube supplier in the US, Canada and Mexico.  We serve clients across the entire West Coast of North America, with locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California, Phoenix, the Pacific Northwest/Canada, and Mexico. Our fleet of trucks enables us to find and deliver materials anywhere in our service area within just a few days. We can deliver the steel tube or steel pipe you need directly to your jobsite to meet your deadlines.

Los Angeles, California

Sales Office & Warehouse
Phone: (800) 882-3748
Fax: (626) 812-0113

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Northern California
Sales Office & Warehouse
Phone: (209) 858-1166
Fax: (209) 858-1144

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San Diego, California
Sales Office & Warehouse
Phone: (619) 448-4151
Fax: (619) 448-7840

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Phoenix, Arizona
Sales Office & Warehouse
Phone: (602) 278-7502
Fax: (602) 278-7593

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Pacific Northwest & Canada
Sales Office & Warehouse
Phone: (360) 828-5210
Fax: (626) 812-0113

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Sales Office
Phone: (619) 448-4151

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