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DOM Mechanical Round Steel Tubing

DOM round steel tubing is a type of high quality welded tubing that has been cold worked and drawn over a mandrel to create a smooth surface finish and dimensional accuracy. The interior weld seam is also removed to create a smooth interior surface, creating steel tube with uniform concentricity and wall thickness and enhanced mechanical properties.  During the manufacturing process, coils of steel are cut to the desired size, cold formed into a tube shape and welded under pressure by an electric welder. The tubes are cleaned and annealed to increase the tubing strength, then drawn over mandrel until they reach the desired dimensions. 

A513-5 DOM Tubing in the Sizes you Need

Totten Tubes provides A513-5 DOM mechanical steel tubing in a range of lengths and shapes ranging from 1/8” outer diameter to 10-1/2” outer diameter with wall thicknesses ranging from to 0.028” to 0.625” to meet the requirements of virtually any mechanical or ornamental steel tubing application. Our steel tubing is put through superior processing to deliver turnkey products that deliver high performance. We also provide laser cutting services for tubes up to 3/4” thick and other custom services to provide complete tubing solutions for our customers. 
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What Are the Benefits of A513-5 DOM Mechanical Steel Tubing?

The Drawn Over Mandrel process provides good machinability, an improved surface finish and creates dimensional accuracy and increased tensile strength.
DOM steel tubes feature several superior mechanical properties and dimensional tolerances that make them an ideal choice for demanding and high precision mechanical applications. The benefits of using A513-5 DOM steel tubing include:
  • Easily machined, formed, welded and fabricated
  • Cold finished for a smooth surface finish
  • Superior tensile strength and yield strength
  • Excellent concentricity and dimensional accuracy
  • Possibility for close tolerances during manufacturing
  • Nearly limitless size possibilities

DOM Mechanical Steel Tubing is a Durable Solution for Mechanical Applications

DOM tubing is also referred to as A513 Type 5 tube and is typically constructed from SAE 1020 or 1026 steel with a chemical composition of carbon, manganese, phosphorous and sulfur. Carbon steel tubing is an economical solution that provides high tensile strength that makes it resistant to breaking under tension. Because of these qualities, even thin tubes formed from A513 steel feature superior strength that performs under demanding of conditions.
The durability, reliability and tensile strength of A513 Type 5 mechanical tubes makes it suitable for a  vast range of high demand appliance, construction and mechanical applications. Some of the more common uses for DOM mechanical steel tubing include:
  • Race car, snowmobile and motorcycle frames
  • Engine mounts and assemblies
  • Auto and truck axles
  • Diesel injection components
  • Conveyor rolls
  • Shift levers
  • Textile and paper mill rolls
  • Seat assembly and mechanism components
  • Shafts
  • High pressure fluid applications
  • Construction crane components
  • Suspension components
  • Steering columns
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Supports and guards
  • Telescoping cylinders and other components
  • Bearings, fittings, bushings, couplings and damper tubes 

Purchase DOM Mechanical Round Steel Tubing from Totten Tubes

Contact us to learn more about the hardness limits and tensile properties for our A513 steel mechanical tubing or request a quote if you already know which size of DOM steel tubing you need for your application.