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Sandblasting Steel Pipe and Tube

It’s a fact that steel rusts. To counter oxidation, some manufacturers coat steel with an oily lacquer. This oil has a major downside: both rust and oil make steel difficult to work with. Fortunately, there are ways to protect steel from rust that don’t include slathering it with viscous, slippery oil.

Sandblasting is quick, cost-effective, and prepares steel surfaces for further processing. After sandblasting, paint adheres better, galvanizing is even stronger, and fabrication becomes much, much simpler.

Sandblasting steel is one of the many value-added services available at Totten Tubes.

Advantages of Sandblasting Steel

If you have steel that you want to reuse or new steel to prepare for further processing, choose sandblasting. Here’s why:

  • Cost effective: Sandblasting services are inexpensive. Plus, you can save money by removing rust or paint from steel tubing and reusing it.
  • Speed: Sandblasting cleans steel in just a matter of hours.
  • Green: Most sandblasting materials are environmentally friendly. Additionally, the process does not require harsh chemicals.
  • Safety: Sandblasting cleans steel without causing harm to it and is safer for workers than chemical cleaning.


Shotblasting is popular because it creates a unique texture and promotes better paint adherence. The process uses tiny steel balls to clean steel pipe and tubing.

Blasting Capabilities

We have 20’ x 20’ x 45’ sandblasting rooms with temperature and humidity control to prevent oxidation.

Other Services

Our goal is to help you complete as much preparation as possible before your orders leave our facility. We offer custom services such as:

Blast Your Steel

For more information about our sandblasting services, request an eQuote or contact Totten Tubes today.